Air pollution study

  • Physical and chemical Processes in the interaction biosphere-atmosphere.
  • Atmospheric radioactive balance.
  • Spreading and absorption of radiation and optical aerosois properties
  • Deposal of ions and metals in the Andes due to the burnings.
  • Processes of humid and drying deposal in Amazon.
  • Development of analitical technics to elementar analysis (PIXE e ICP-MS)
  • Air pollution in S.Paulo and quantitative identification of poluted sources.
  • remote sense of aerosso

Lamfi - Laboratory of Material Analysis by Ionic Beams

  • Research,construction, installation and development of instrumentation and methods, the majority based on ionic beam techniques for characterization and modification of materials.
  • Collaborations with IFUSP scientists or in intersdisciplinary researches using ionic beam methods for samples characterization.

Physics of Plasma

  • Physics of Plasmas confined in Tokamaks
  • Controlled termonuclear fusion.
  • Purchase,storage and data recovering.

Thin films

  • Growth of policristaline diamonds thin films and nanoestructured films of metals, metallic leagues, oxides, nitrates, carbides and diamondlike.
  • Study of the growth dynamics through measures of fractality, wrinkelment, rugosidade, using the Scanning Probe Microscope and also mechanical and electrical properties of thin films.
  • Applications of diamond films in the manufacture of microdevices and recovering of cutting tools.

Linear Accelerator

  • Photo-nuclear reactions and nuclear fusion.
  • GRENAC(Group of nuclear reactions,Applications and Computation.

Polymers a liquid crystals

Electronic microcospy

  • ceramic materials
  • Biological systems


  • Spectroscopy
  • Holography
  • Optic metrology


  • Quadripole nuclear resonance
  • Nuclear magnetic ressonance

Amorphous Systems

  • Amorphous materials
  • Glasses

Biophysics and Medical Physics

  • Optic and magnetic spectroscopy in the strudy of molecules of biological interest.
  • Interactions between bioactive molecules and model
  • Physical-Chemical properties of anphilic aggregates.
  • Theoretical study of properties of equilibrium and transport in model systems which describe processes of biolocial interest , including also charges transference in macromolecules.
  • Tomography by emission, PET and SPECT: simulation, reconstruction 2D and 3D, quantification.
  • Instrumentation in nuclear medicine: control and quality guarantee.
  • Processing medical images.


Instrumentation and Particles

  • Nuclear Physics
  • High Energy Physics
  • Development of scientifical instrumentation.


Analysis of material with acelerators(

Dosimetry and Physics of radiations


Vibrations and veicular acoustic



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